We can do a whole bunch of services covering all phases of construction. For you we can collect location data, edit easements, obtaine a building permit, prepare projects, contracts and perform complete service of constructing your building.

Our company succesfully operates in all areas of activity. We perform our services on projects of all sizes, we are active in various areas of educational facilities, sports and recreational facilities, cultural and art objects, to a variety of social infrastructure such as education institutions, homes for the elderly,…

Also we successfully carrie out our services in the areas of commercial buildings and complexes, offices, shopping centers and industrial buildings. We are active in the field of communal infrastructure which include wastewater treatment plants, sewage systems , water supply systems, power lines, ground water, etc. We are active in the field of electro-energetic infrasructure, which includes a transformers, RTP station, power transmition facilities,…

ŠI Supervision

Professional supervision of construction is very important phase of the construction project. Inadequately controlled and supervised construction can be very expensive. Inadequate solutions, which are related with complaints and unnecessary costs in terms of time and money during construction and after completion can be very expensive

For you we quality and expertly performe services of expert supervision over the construction works, which is carried out iun terms of our services:

  • Construction supervision
  • supervision of the execution of installations
  • We perform professional supervision over the quality of all kinds of works carried out
  • guide control of the construction or of the individual phases of construction, according to the project documentation
  • actively monitor the progress of works and report to the investor
  • we take care of competence of built-in materials, machinery, equipment and fixtures
  • control the provisions, requiring evidence of quality control of installed materials
  • of any errors, omissions, irregularities and changes observed in the construction process we promptly inform the investor
  • we ensure that the project is carried out in accordance with project documentation
  • perform control of the implementation of works in terms ot time-planning and time-management
  • perform control over the quantities of material consumed and prices of it and control of time spent for works
  • at the request of the investor is carried out coordination works between individual contractors
  • make billing of executed works
  • obtain documentation for technical inspection
  • in case of complex objects we perform the function of a responsible supervisor
  • we may also perform services of Super-supervision during construction

ŠI Design

A good project is the basis for a good facility. We can prepare full documentation required for successful project implementation. You can include us at the very begining in the phase of initial design of a construction project, where you will be preparing briefs with sketches and graphics (2D, 3D, renders ) as well as functional and architectural analysis of the building.

Also you can include us thes stage of prepareing of technical and technological design of the building (heating, ventilation, … ), all in the desire to get the best product that will suit the wishes of the investor and also be in line with the modern professional and sustainability trends.

You can contact us in the process of acquiring building permition (PGD), or the preparation of the tender (PZR), so we arrange all the necessary documentation, which comprises easements, consents, contracts, geodetic drawings,studies ( fire safety, acoustics, building physics, studies of possibility of using alternative sources,…) and we obtain a final building permit. Also, we can prepare the tender documentation and liners, which are the basis for quality choice of the right contractor.

We prepare you for the execution of projects, with final construction projects, which are the basis for good and successfully carried out construction. The project for obtaining a building permit is not sufficient for the quality and professional construction. So we prepare for you projects for the execution of all phases, with all the necessary documents and details that will allow the contractor to quality execute the project. We can also provide you with control of construction from all the professionals (architect, structural engineeer, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer,…) who were involved in the design of the project, which allows you full support from these during construction. For you we also prepare project of finished works (PID)

ŠI Engineering consultancy

In our company we successfully performe consulting engineering services. We cover all areas of the field of building construction and civil engineering. For you, we also prepare all necessary documentation, in collaboration with you we prepare tenders. We help you to find the most competent contractors and subcontractors for all kinds of works.

In the initial stage and design stage, we:

  • make preliminary discussions with the investor, consulting and technical tasks and the preparation of a common conceptual solution of engineering design and initial installation technology
  • prepare and make project brief and project documentation (PGD, PZI)
  • coordinate and review bids for construction
  • help in finding quality designers, review their tenders, carried out the coordination among the selected designers and manufacturers of certain plans and prepare the necessary expert analyzes
  • provide coordination between all participants in the construction (contractors, architects, supervisors)
  • prepare and realize tender for all phases of the project with all the necessary documentation, the tender conditions, analysis and consultancy
  • We offer help in choosing the best contraczors, designers, architects, engineers,…
  • prepare and analyze tenders and proposals for contracts for the design and implementation
  • prepare all necessary documentation and actively participate in tenders and competitions
  • for the contractors and subcontractors, we prepare drafts of contracts

At the stage of construction we:

  • provide monitoring of quality of works carried out with the full co-ordination
  • we ensure that construction is carried out in accordance with the design and other technical documentation
  • check periodically and confirm construction logs
  • check the books of account and confirm quanities, monthly and final calculations of the works done by individual operators for all works
  • We monitor and confirm the executed works and projects of operation and maintenance (PID, POV)
  • organize a technical check and make sure to correct errors after technical examination within the prescribed time limit
  • rganize the handover of the facility to the contracting authority (the investor)
  • carry out a final statement of investment
  • carry out the procedure for obtaining an operating license
  • monitor the facility during the warranty period and organize the elimination of errors

We offer our clients the possibility of consulting engineering, so we advice them and help throughout the project. It is important to realize that a construction project is complex and takes several years and our services are deeply intertwined, so it is sometimes difficult to find the boundary between them, so just contact us and together we will find a service that exactly meets all your wishes and needs.

ŠI Project management

Management of construction projects in the preparation phase for the implementation and in the implementation phase itself is essential for the success of a construction project. For the management of building projects is necessary in addition to expertise in the
the construction sector, to have extensive experience and a good background in planning, organization, finance, teamwork, legislation and various administrative procedures.

For you we can provide project management services, where we offer:

  • full coordination with the investor with observance and realization of all their ideas and wishes
  • coordination and harmonization with the contractor
  • coordination with the environment, complete coordination of all birocracy
  • coordination with representatives of state and local communities, representatives of inspection services and compliance, which is essential for all phases of construction
  • coordination with the supervisor and his assistants in terms of finding optimal solutions that are needed for the construction
  • co-ordination with the responsible project manager (OVP) , which is a is responisble for the design of the project and planned all stages of it from concept (IDZ) to detailed design (PZI)

ŠI Construction engineering

You may also contact us during the stage of construction and implementation. For you, we can successfully perform the entire service of the construction of project at all stages, all the way to the operating permit. Increasingly in our claims from investors is service of providing of the whole project “full package”, where you can get within our service everyithing from initial design, all administrative procedures, easements, consents, vontracts, to the execution of the project with an operating permit. The execution of projects “full package” was modeled after modern trends which we already provided for renowned investors such as ARRIVA ŠTAJERSKA company for transport of passengers d.d. and Hypo Alpe- Adria -Bank d.d.